Anzac 3017-3 Laser Printer

AS/400 Printers with a difference

The Anzac 3017-3 is a direct twinax attachment laser printer for IBM's Midrange System AS/400 series. It is designed for medium volume, high quality print applications, delivering up to 65,000 pages per month of perfect letter quality printing. Attaching as an IBM 3812-1, or as an IBM 3812-2 IPDS printer via either twisted pair or twinax cabling, the Anzac 3017-3 offers full compatibility with it's IBM equivalent.

Just a few winning features in more detail:

Simple, reliable operation.
With a single consumable cartridge which incorporates both toner and drum. There is only one component to replace. Simplicity with outstanding reliability, the Anzac 3017-3 is the perfect choice for remote or departmental work groups.

True 17 page per minute performance.
The Anzac controller guarantees true 17 images per minute performance even when printing dense 198 column by 66 line reports. There's no speed deterioration when printing in duplex mode. The 3017-3 keeps up by printing each page side at 17 images per minute for a throughput of 8.5 pages per minute.

Easy to read and understand control panel. Complete and easy-to-understand messages are displayed on a two-line backlit LCD display. Messages such as "toner low" helps eliminate multiple calls to the Help Desk.

Forms Design Software Support.
The Anzac 3017-3 supports AS/400 forms design software from many vendors such as Xpoint's Forms Xpress, ICS's FormSprint and J D Edwards' Forms/400. These software packages allow full speed print of complex forms overlays such as hospital admitting forms, W2 tax forms, invoices or complete automation of check printing, including signatures if required.

Medium to Heavy duty.
Rated at 65,000 pages per month, the Anzac 3017-3 is the perfect choice as a department printer for servicing the needs of a group of users.

Anzac support and maintenance.
Long known for its outstanding maintenance and support operation, the Anzac staff is no further than an 800 call away. Our field experienced technicians are prepared to help with technical issues as well as provide programming assistance.

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