We are trying to make our web site as informative as possible. Our way of saying thanks to the IBM Mid Range community that has kept us in business for so long.

If you know of any AS/400 sites of interest that are not listed here, please E-Mail us with the details at
robbie@anzacom.com. We will include every site we find, even including our competitors. The better your information, the better your decisions.

Communications Software
Attachmate - Client Server software
Eicon - Utilities and tools for routers and gateways
I/Net - AS/400 based web server
Netsoft - Client Server
Remora - Client Server development environment
Starware - Connectivity software for AS/400 and UNIX, PC computers.
Teubners - SNA, AS/400, 3270 and UNIX.
Wall Data - Client Server (the famous Rumba developer)
WRQ - Publishers of Reflection software for enterprise-wide connectivity
Zanden - Communications software that enables secure and reliable communications over the Internet to your AS/400.
Communications Hardware
Eicon- Routers and gateways.
Farabi Technology - LAN to AS/400: LAN hubs, with software.
Synapse Communications- Windows-based terminal and printer emulation .
Protocol converters
Axis Communications - LAN, Twinax and Coax printer
Applications Software
Computer Associates - Simply enormous. Look.
J D Edwards - Accounting software
Marcam - Maintenance management, discrete manufacturing software and more
New Generation Software -Accounting software and utilities
Progressive Data Systems - full accounting suite
Software 2000 - Client - server business application software
System Software Associates - Applications and tools - large.
Viosionet Systems - Convert your software to count above 2000 (millennium problems?)
ICS -Integrated Custom Software
Software Tools and Utilities
ARTech - the GeneXus developer
Baber - AS/400 Systems and operations tools
BGS Systems - Performance management and capacity planning software UNIX platforms). Heresy!
ExcelSystems - Authors of ProGen Plus, (program generator for the AS/400) and other things
JimWare - OS400 utilities
Lansa - Software development tools and utilities
MediaLink Communications- PC editor for RPG/400
Penta - Security software, and DFU alternative.
Pixel - Terminal emulations and GUI development.
Premenos - The EDI people!
Remain bv - Object management and development analysis software
Synon - Application development tools
Telvox - Compression and encryption software
Unibol -Migration tools from System 3X & AS/400 to open systems
Hardware Peripherals
Anzac Computer Equipment Corporation
Avax International - Unattended tape backup
Black Box - Catalog sales for communications products
lnterface Data, Inc - Mass storage solutions
EMC - Mass storage solutions
Memorex Telex - Mass storage, peripherals
South Hills Datacomm - LAN and WAN connectivity
Storage Computer - SCSI-based mass storage for everything.
Support Net, Inc - IBM Systems, peripherals
Personal & Misc. Sites
PixelRat -Digital art & various other links(this is my site)
Wet Fun-Scuba Diving and other related topics


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