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A letter from the Founder and President of
Anzac Computer Equipment Corporation

Despite the kangaroo in our logo, Anzac Computer Equipment Corporation is a California Corporation. Since 1983, Anzac has been delivering innovative printer solutions from our factory in California to IBM Mid Range computer users.

It all started in Australia in 1980, when I founded Apollo Computer Equipment and began building special purpose printers for the IBM System/34. Daisy wheel printers for letter quality print, and high speed matrix printers, in the days when IBM's only twinax printer was the IBM 5256, with a top speed of 120 characters per second. Back then, Apollo's printers were seen by IBM as enhancements, rather than competition.

In 1983, I moved to the Bay Area in California and founded Anzac to deliver these same tested solutions in the United States. Since then, living in California, I constantly talk to IBM customers about the products they need. You will notice that our product line is not a simple copy of IBM' offerings: in every case, we have enhancements that make our products special. The Anzac product range has grown into the most comprehensive range of printers available for IBM's Mid Range Systems, and our customer base is a Who's Who of world industry.

Today, we also have a strong relationship with IBM's maintenance division, who we have under contract to maintain our printers nationally. I like to think that IBM also perceive the Anzac difference, and see us not as one of the alligators snapping at them, but one of the guys trying to help them drain the swamp.

My message is simple. If IBM build a printer that is a perfect match for your needs, then you should buy it. But if you have an application that needs something faster, or more versatile, or have a printing problem and no low-risk solutions in sight, you might give Anzac a call.

This presentation provides only an introductory overview of our product line. If you want to discuss your needs in more detail, call your favorite dealer, or your nearest Anzac representative, or myself. We are all always ready to help. Swamps? Been there, done that.

Yours faithfully,

Richard N. Hamilton - Gibbs


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